Campaigns cannot succeed without individuals who volunteer their time to share information about the candidate and the issues, as well as do many things around the office and out in the community.  Can you help us?

There are many different ways that you can volunteer on our campaign and make a difference as we flip this seat. Here are just a few ideas.

  1. Block Walk  We need to let people know about our candidate and a personal touch is always the best. But Deborah can’t be everywhere at once. You can help by volunteering to walk and meet people where they live. You will be given a list of names and addresses relating to a certain neighborhood who are likely Democrats. If no one is there you leave a postcard saying we stopped by.
  2. Phone Bank  Do you like to talk to people about things that you find important to you – like politics, this race, our candidate, and flipping the seat? Then come join us, make a call, and who knows you might even make a friend.
  3. Deliver yard signs and other materials  To yard sign or not? Maybe no yard signs but there are plenty of other materials to deliver to voters so they can show their support. Please do not put any materials anywhere you do not have permission to. Do not do anything to anyone else’s signs or materials. If you can help us pick up any of the materials when the campaign is over that will be super.
  4. Data Entry  Help us keep the information straight from the walks and the donations.
  5. Campaign Events  There will be a number of campaign events put on by sponsors – people you may know. They will need volunteers to get the word out and help during the event.
  6. Host a meet & greet  People like to meet the candidate and ask her questions about her platform and what makes her the one they should vote for. They also like to have an opportunity to let the candidate know what issues are important to them.
  7. Collect & donate office supplies  Pens, printer paper, tape, tissues, etc. are all needed when you run a campaign.
  8. Water and Snacks  Water is important for our volunteers who walk – especially in the hot weather. Help us with a water donation or granola bars, fruit, hot meals, etc. Healthy snacks are best to keep everyone going strong.
  9. Share on Social Media  Our campaign has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – like these accounts, follow us and share the information we put up with your friends. Never share anything unless you have permission to – especially photos – so we have no copyright infringement violations.
  10. Other ways.  There are other ways too. So if you want to do any of the above – send our Volunteer Coordinator an email using the form below or