Protecting your health, your rights, and your families

Without good health you cannot work, you cannot raise your children, you cannot provide for those you care most about. Health care is more than filling out forms, paying premiums, and being transferred from one doctor to another. It is about taking care of your body and your mind – from nutrition and prevention to medication and treatment. Women and children, the poor and the elderly are the ones who suffer most. Their rights must be protected. From women’s reproductive rights and victim support to Medicare and Medicaid, I promise to work for you.



Protecting your children’s future

We need access to effective, affordable, quality education for all our children. As we discuss and implement statewide policies regarding education, we must remember that building infrastructure is just one piece. We must make sure we are teaching students the skills they need to meet the job requirements for the near- and long-term future, whether that be mechanical engineering or mechanical repair. Our communities need both.



Protecting your livelihood and the future of our local communities

Many suffered during this last recession, and many are still struggling. How can we strengthen our economy and restore a thriving community? We need to create new job opportunities and support existing job expansion. One way to do that is to repair and maintain our infrastructure. Another is to make sure small and family businesses have the resources they need to build strong foundations in their communities. I know first hand the challenges of running your own small business.  It isn’t easy and resources aren’t always easy to find or have access to.  A third way is to ensure that training in skills that are needed in higher level jobs is accessible to all.


 Kids and Families

Protecting your kids from danger online and off. 

It is scary to read the headlines about how many incidents there are that hurt our children – from cyberbullying to identity theft and more.  I will use my expertise in Internet privacy and security to help implement measures to protect our kids from this kind of harm,  as well as to protect your privacy from not only these hackers but from companies that would misuse private data for their own commercial purposes.