Why am I running for office?

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There are two questions I am asked as soon as someone finds out I am running for office – “Why?” and “Why now?”

Both questions are valid and even though I know the answers in my gut it is a bit more difficult to put them into words so that they can be easily understood.


The simple answer is because someone needs to run and it is not easy to make that commitment. We need to be at the table. We need our voice to be strong and clear. We need to do this. We need to have representatives that truly listen to those in their districts and stand for the issues and concerns of their constituents, the people who elect them.

But not everyone can run – it takes the right person in the right circumstances to put aside their life and make the commitment to something greater than themselves – to their community. I am a military daughter. As I watched my father in his service – first in Vietnam and then the National Guard and Army Reserve, I was taught that when our country calls, we answer in the way we can. And the way I can answer right now is by running, winning and serving.

So many decisions concerning our lives in this country and state are being made without consideration of all citizens. Everyone needs to be heard. We need to work together to make the changes that need to be made – especially regarding how we take care of our citizens – from healthcare to education to economic prosperity.

Why now? 

For some very rare and special people they know what they want to do with their lives at a very early age and they follow a path and do it.  I admire them for that.  For others, the path has a lot of twists and turns because the end point is not always so clear.  I was one of the latter.

At the beginning of my career I needed to provide for my children, many years as a single mother.  Later I needed to continue to provide while going to college and then law school at night and on the weekends. I took various positions in academia and corporate America and finally reached the point of opening my own legal practice.

I enjoy my work as an attorney – helping my clients protect the value of what they create and the businesses they start-up.  But I realized it hasn’t been enough. I wanted to be more involved in the community.  I wanted to make a difference.

As I looked at the numbers, researched the district, and listened to many in the communities I came to a realization. I’ve always told my clients and colleagues I will not ask them to do anything I was not willing to do. So here it was. What could I do? I could run. I could do this for all of those who could not. I also learned that I could win – with supporters who have come out and continue to raise their hands, roll up their sleeves, help me with the campaign work, open their wallets, introduce me to others, and say “Count me in!” I learned I was not alone – not in what I was thinking or feeling or in my desire to change the relationship between government and its citizens for us here in Georgia.

Now what?

So now here I stand, asking you to join me in this journey – the first steps of a long path to design and develop the future we owe our children, our state, ourselves. With your help – we can do this together.

~ Deborah

Note:  This blog has been edited to try to clarify points based on questions and comments I have received.  But things that are written can sometimes be misunderstood or as they say “clear as mud.”  So if you have a question, comment, or want to discuss an issue or concern you have please reach out to me and the campaign on the Contact Us page.  As I will be your representative I really want to hear from you.

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  • Ana Gonzalez| May 31, 2017

    Awesome ! We are with you Debby !

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